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Y10 Ecological Sampling

February 26, 2020

This week at Assumption College English Programme, the year 10 students have been studying Ecology in their Biology classes with Mr Ash. It is important for us all to learn about Ecology, because our actions as a species have a direct impact on the ecosystems around us.

The year 10 students learned how to sample and estimate the population of plants in a specific area using quadrats, as well as how to conduct a transect to see how changing habitat effects their distribution. This information is important so that long term studies can be carried out to measure the effects of various factors on the survival and distribution of many different species.

Text by Mr Ash Preston

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Ash Preston – 15701531.4738b8a81d4d3d7a32f9cdf2b5ecbc44.20020507
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Ash Preston – 15701531.9162fa5ec494e355638ff2cd9eecd256.20020507
Ash Preston – 15701531.78311e061fccdbac627b1c99d8c1094f.20020602
Ash Preston – 15701531.b14da8bc8581e89ba766bc01db11a89e.20020507
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