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Using Displays to Develop Academic Writing

February 12, 2020

This week at Assumption College English Program, students in 11/3 have concluded their area of inquiry into globalization by creating a display board. Academic writing is challenging even for L1 English students, but there is some available evidence to suggest that through guided writing (Hyland, 2008) and a combination of content-driven learning (CLIL), L2 English students can make greater gains in academic writing ability when compared to traditional pedagogical approaches to writing.

Besides the theory, it made practical sense for students to clearly see the components of a simple academic essay up on the wall and it is continuing to provide a useful reference point for some learners. Students worked on complex sentences to define terms such as globalization, they redrafted essays, created country profiles, illustrated positive and negative aspects of the concept through graphs and images, and they evaluated the overall impact of globalization by writing concluding paragraphs. For students and teachers, this project demonstrated that academic writing can be a cooperative, social enterprise, and not as is often the case at academic level, a solitary pursuit.

Text by Mr Dan Montefusco

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