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Upper Secondary MOCK IELTS Exams

February 20, 2019

This week at Assumption College English Program, students from years 10 and 11 completed another round of mock IELTS Listening and Speaking exams. As IELTS is the gold standard English language proficiency exam for international universities, the mock tests provide valuable practice for our students. Students begin taking the mock IELTS exams in year 10, so that they will have time to hone their skills in preparation for the official exam in year 12.

This current round of testing was the first one for our year 10 students, and we are very happy with their performances, overall. It takes a lot of effort to improve one’s English, so we are very proud of what some students have achieved in past years. The results from this current round are promising as well.

The IELTS mock tests are organized and run by Bell in conjunction the Secondary English department.

Text written by Douglas Mulvaney

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