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Upper Secondary English – Year in Review

February 27, 2020

As the curtains close on another year, it’s always with a tinge of sadness that teachers and students part ways. Although everyone looks forward to much-deserved and much-needed time apart, the classroom is unlike any other place in society.

This year’s Year 10 classes have been as good as any ACEP have had. It is a mixed-ability group with the top students aiming, as many before them have aimed, to wield the English language, like a shooting star, beyond the utmost bound of human thought. The learning equivalent of Picasso’s paintbrush, Messi’s football boots, or Shatner’s Bassoon. Dickens and Prince Albert both boasted of their experience.

They have always been quick to bring and offer snacks to their teachers, specifically biscuits. Thank goodness no cake was offered. As students will tell you, cheap cake isn’t made from plants. It’s made from chemicals. And will make you fat.

The Year 11 cohort is also a mixed-ability class. This week is review week, so the content of the class is rather dry. But we have shared some good moments together. In discussing perspective and how it can change opinion, one student showed a black image with a tiny blue dot, representing Earth and the ephemeral nature of our worries and cares. One student, tongue in cheek, discussed Gary Lineker holding up a picture of a hillside, explaining that the tiny “blue spec” in the middle was actually a child.

It is with some sadness and a lot of pride that I say not goodbye, but see you soon to Years 10 and 11. Thank you for a great year and more than a few laughs.

Text by Mr John Stillie

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