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Upper Primary Drama Club performs “Peddler Polly and the Story Stealer”

September 29, 2109

On the last day for term 1 clubs, the Drama club finally took to stage to perform their show called “Peddler Polly and the Story Stealer.” After spending many weeks practicing, they had an excellent performance with a lot of great feedback.

The story took us to a town called Taletown, where all the people tell stories to one another for fun. However, when the townspeople start to forget their stories, they may have to stop telling stories altogether. At the same time, a mysterious man named Dr. Spellbinder and his assistant Lady Fable come to town to sell his invention, called the Story Box. Our heroine Peddler Polly realizes something is not right about them. She decides to investigate only to learn that Dr. Spellbinder is stealing the stories from the townspeople to put in his Story Boxes. Can Peddler Polly save the day?

Our amazing cast included:

  • Narrators 1 – 4: Than (from Class 6/5), Sirichon (from Class 6/3), Thanyachanok (from Class 5/6), Sitathip (from Class 5/6)
  • Peddler Polly: Achita (from Class 6/3)
  • Dr. Spellbinder: Punn (from Class 6/5)
  • Lady Fable: Primmada (from Class 6/5)
  • Penny: Jirunya (from Class 6/3)
  • Mayor Bigwig: Kanchaporn (from Class 6/5)
  • Milton Marbles/Pied Piper: Pattarapon (from Class 5/6)
  • Jack/townsfolk: Pitiwat (from Class 5/6)
  • ….and special guest, as Giant: Mr. Paul (teacher in Class 3/4)

All of them did such an excellent job.

The club is organized by Mr. Nicholas from Class 4/3 with help from Ms. Kara from Class 6/4. We really enjoyed the show. Thanks to all who helped! We are looking forward to the next group of Upper Primary students who wish to get on the stage.

Have a nice holiday everyone!

Text by Mr. Nicholas Irvine

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