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Training for ACEP Run for Nature

November 8, 2018

The last 2 weeks has been a highly productive week for some of our Secondary students because of the upcoming Run for Nature this Sunday 11 November 2018. Our two Foreign Secondary teachers, Mr. Henno and Mr. Daniel have been preparing the students for the race.

Practice has been specific for the kind of race that they are going to compete in: either the 3.5 Km or the 10.5 Km. The two teachers ran with the students around the school to let them get used to the route. With this run they would measure distance, speed and Calories burnt.

The practice was not just only for their physical fitness but also for their mental well-being. Being outside in nature always encourages mental wellness. The school has a beautiful landscape and environment to encourage these kind of runs as it’s right next to the river and greenery all around. We am sure the students have gained plenty out of these practice sessions and that they will feel prepared and confident to completing the race in good time.

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Henno Jordaan – Photo from Henno1988
Henno Jordaan – Photo from Henno1988(1)
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