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The Start of Term 2 In Year 2

November 6, 2018

For the second term of the academic year we will be working very hard to ensure that ACEP’s Year 2 will continue to improve and develop.

We continue to ensure that every child learning in our Year 2 program develops to their potential not only academically, but also socially, physically and morally.

During Week 21 and 22 the Year 2 students have done a variety of learning activities. We have restarted the reading, spelling and numeracy programs to ensure the children have a strong academic foundation for Year 3. These are the first of many exciting learning experiences we have planned for this year including some brand new Clubs and Christmas activities.

We hope that your child has a very happy and successful Term 2 in Year 2 at ACEP.

Text written by Mr. Jay Maxwell

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