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Technology Allows for Meaningful Reading and Reflection

December 16, 2019

This week at Assumption College English Program, year 9 students concluded their reading tasks by using cloud-based technology to write, and submit, a reflective essay on some of the topics covered in this term’s reading lessons.

By hosting all materials and reading tasks on the school’s learner management system, Schoology, students have been able to track their progress, manage their own time on literacies tasks and receive detailed score breakdowns. In this concluding task, students were asked to write a short essay on current affairs topics featured earlier in the course. These included, ‘The Future of Meat’ and ‘Healthy Cities’.

As usual, the majority of essay responses were of a very high standard and demonstrated a high degree of imagination, originality and understanding. While the future for meat and the health of our cities remains in the dark, the future for ACEP students is decidedly bright.

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