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Teaching Our Monsters to Read in Year 1

September 24, 2020

Our Year 1 students are continuing to make fantastic progress with their literacy skills here at Assumption College English Program.

Each week they work hard during their Jolly Phonics and Literacy lessons and practice all the skills they are learning by doing reading lists for homework. Another important part of our literacy program is using an app called Teach Your Monster to Read. 

Teach Your Monster to Read is an award winning app that has helped millions of children worldwide to learn to read. It covers all aspects of reading from letter sounds and formation to reading full sentences. The students create their own monster and work their way through different challanges and adventures with this same monster, all while practicing their reading skills.

Using this app challenges students to work independently, be responsible for their own learning and learn at their own level and pace. The students really enjoy learning with their monsters and it is easy for teachers to track their progress. We highly recommend that parents use this app at home too.

Well done to all our super readers in Year 1!

Text written by Mr. Tommy Morgan

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