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Summarising a Complex Text

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

This week, year 12 students at Assumption College English Program have been concluding their unit on advertising ethics and critical thinking.

Students employed iPads to examine a light-hearted video on misleading advertising tactics used by brands within the food industry. This acted as a springboard into the main activity which was to provide a spoken and written summary on a complex text on advertising ethics.

Through group-work a complex text can be broken down into more manageable chunks with each student responsible for summarising a section of the text, aiding both task completion and motivation. Staging a task this way also allows the teacher to integrate all the language skills as students have the opportunity to read, listen, speak and provide a written summary.

Text written by Mr. D. Montefusco.

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Dan Montefusco – IMG_20170612_105716
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