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Students take on the role of reporters

April 3, 2018

This week at Assumption College English Program Rama II campus, students in year 10 have been comparing teenage health in Thailand and the UK, presenting their findings in the form of a short TV news piece.

Students experienced what it might be like to have to research, edit, write and report on teenage health in the media. Students grappled with concepts such as newsworthiness and the importance of evaluating and cross-checking facts, as well as taking on various media roles such as editor, script-writer and news reporter.

Performing short projects like these at summer school allows the students to practise a range of useful study skills, such as selecting and researching information, drafting and refining written and spoken reports, as well as providing analysis and critique.

Concluding the mini-projects, students filmed a piece to camera and made use of the Apple TV technology to reveal their TV news stories to fellow classmates. The teacher encouraged students to evaluate each news story and provide feedback on their classmates’ efforts.

Story by Daniel Montefusco

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