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Students at ACEP enjoying different sport competitions

February 17, 2020

During the last week, most PE classes had different games and competitions.

Year 7 and 8 had chairball and football competitions. The boys, representing the class played a 45 min football match and all the girls came together and competed in their class groups against other classes. The first match was Year 7/1 that played against 7/4. Very good and competitive game with Year 7/1 boys coming out as winners, final score 2-1. The chairball game was also won by 7/1 girls.

In the other match Year 7/3 played with 7/4 and this was a very one sided match with 7/3 winning 4-1. Year 9 and 10 focused and hand-eye skills and had different activities like target-ball game in teams as well as chairball. Year 11 PE had their final exam and involved catching tennis balls from different distances. One area that all ACEP students need to make improvements is the hand eye co-ordination skills.

Text by Mr Daniel Jacobs

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