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Special Club in Year 1

December 17, 2019

Each Wednesday, Year 1 students participate in Club activities with their foreign teachers. As we get close to exam time, we decided to do a very special Club to help the students prepare for the exams.

All three Year 1 classes came together in our ACEP learning space on the ground floor of the Ave Maria building. Students were put into teams of 3 – one student from 1/1, one student from 1/2 and one student from 1/3. It was lovely to see the students make new friends and work with people they normally don’t get the chance to work with.

In their teams, the students participated in a fun Kahoot quiz. They were tested on their knowledge of life here at ACEP, general knowledge and, of course, exam review.

Everyone really enjoyed themselves and this was a great way to further create a positive sense of community within our year level. Well done everyone!

Written by Mr. Tommy Morgan

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