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ACEP’s Nurses’ Rooms are located on the ground floor of the Ave Maria Building and Regina Coeli Buildings. The rooms are staffed by qualified nurses form Ekachai Hospital during school hours.

If a student is sick while at school, they may request permission from the teacher to go to the Nurses’ Room. When entering the Nurses’ Room, students must take their homework diary with them (so parents can be advised of symptoms and treatment).

Details of the nurse’s standard procedures are below:

• For minor ailments or accidents, after being given first aid treatment and monitored, students are normally sent back to learn in their classroom.

• In case of a high fever or another condition that appears serious, if a student’s condition does not improve after first aid treatment, the nurse will notify the parents and suggest that they pick up the student to allow them to rest at home or see a doctor.

• If a student has an emergency or serious accident, the nurse will give them first aid treatment, notify their parents and the school will arrange for them to be taken to Ekachai Hospital.



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