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Secondary PE

September 11, 2018

The semester is coming to a close and so is Physical Education and Health for the semester. The students are going through vigorous tests and exams to evaluate their improvement the past semester.

Students from Upper Secondary did testing inside the fitness center to test their technique on certain equipment. They were also tested outside with more of an agility test to test how quick they can change direction at speed. Lower Secondary did testing in game situations.

Secondary students are also preparing for their theoretical Health exam that will happen next week. All the worked covered over the past 10 weeks will be questioned, topics like Nutrition, Mental disorders, Substance abuse, Media and Health, Stress and Bullying. These are all important topics and the students will have to show a clear understanding of these topics if they want to achieve a great score. The Year 9s are finishing off their in-depth project that they had to do concerning Nutrition, the students had to develop specific diets focusing on Calorie deficit and present this to the class. It was great and the students showed a clear understanding of the topic and came up with creative ways to make up diet plans.

The students have 2 more weeks left and I’m sure they will continue working hard in order to gain knowledge and stay as fit as possible.

Written by Mr. Henno Jordaan

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