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Secondary PE preparing for ACEP Games

August 3, 2018

It has been a busy week in the Secondary PE/Health department. Preparation has started for ACEP’s annual sports day, ACEP Games. Students are being prepared to be in peak condition when the games arrive. Students have done some short sprints to improve their explosive power over 80 meters and they also did longer distance running to improve their overall cardio. During this week the sport colors started to play their round robin games in Football, Basketball and Chair Ball.

The year 7’s were introduced to a game called “Kickball”. They will play this in the upcoming weeks. It’s a game where the students will improve their power kicking, precision kicking and their consistency in kicking; they will also improve their throwing and catching. Teamwork is also very important in this game and the students will learn to support each other and work together in the upcoming weeks.

The students’ Health education is also improving every week and the last few weeks have been no different. Year 11s are currently busy with a research project about a specific sport. This gives them great information on the origin of the sport, rules and challenges within the sport. Some of the other year groups are currently learning about the importance of a balanced diet. This is done by educating them on nutrition and improving their knowledge on how to read food labels and what amount of food is good for them.

ACEP students are working very hard inside and outside the classroom and this will continue for this semester.

Written By Mr Henno Jordaan

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