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Secondary PE and Health

February 11, 2019

The last week has been interesting in the Physical Education and Health Department. The school was closed from Thursday to Wednesday as the Air Pollution was high and dangerous to be outside. Because of this the Department decided to stay indoors to protect our students from the pollution.

All the students will be indoors until further notice, this gave the PE teachers a good opportunity to use the fitness center and test all the students again to measure the level they are currently at. Height, weight, push up, sit up, standing jump, total burpees and body flexibility.

During Health classes the students were educated on the Air Pollution problem. With critical thinking the students had to come up with solutions to the problem in Bangkok and Thailand. They were also taught the scientific background on this problem. Lower secondary had lessons on Skin Diseases and Mental problems that exists. ACEP and the students will hope for the pollution to clear up in the near future so the students and go and exercise outside again.

This was also the last week for our current Year 12 students. They will be missed at ACEP inside the classroom and on the sport field. We wish them all the best.

Written by Mr. Henno Jordaan

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