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Secondary Occupational Works

February 18, 2019

During Occupational Works learning sessions at Assumption English College, we have had an interesting few weeks.

The students have been finishing off projects, where they have been creating and further developing recipe ideas that can be implemented into an interactive recipe book, that will then be published using iBooks Author.

Students from other classes have been refining their skills in 3D design, and have been given the opportunity to choose their own level of skillset in an assessed 3D design challenge.

Year 7s had the ‘Egg Race’ where Mr John McGhee introduced a timed omelette challenge! The event went down well with the students and the fastest time for a successful omelette was 1 minute and 7 seconds (a task not many professional chefs could undertake).

John McGhee – IMG_20181115_150716 (1)
John McGhee – IMG_20181115_151209
John McGhee – IMG_20181115_151751
John McGhee – IMG_20181120_083604_1
John McGhee – IMG_20181120_083619
John McGhee – IMG_20181120_090540_1
John McGhee – IMG_20181120_132622
John McGhee – IMG_20181127_084010
John McGhee – IMG_20181127_090700
John McGhee – IMG_20181127_100341
John McGhee – IMG_20181127_184903
John McGhee – IMG_20181129_112814
John McGhee – IMG_20181129_141924
John McGhee – IMG_20190110_090112
John McGhee – IMG_20190110_115010
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