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Secondary Health and Physical Education

January 23, 2020

The Secondary Health and Physical Education section is extremely busy this time of the year. Students must be in great condition to be able to prepare for the annual ACEP night. This night is important for the students as they must dance in front of a crowd. Because of this the students are practicing day and night to be able to be fully prepared for the evening, Mr. Daniel and Mr. Henno are also letting the students practice their movement and rhythm most of the time.

During the other lessons the students are busy practicing sport in order to improve their cardiovascular system and improve their heart rate. On 16 February the school will also host a mini marathon, so the students will also run in the coming weeks during class to prepare for the event. The practice runs during class will range from 1.5km – 5km. This is a great opportunity for the students to improve their running time.

During health topics such as Skin Disease, Depression, Mental Disease, Healthcare, and many other topics are getting studied. It is important because the students will write their end of the year Final exam on these topics at the end of February.

Written By Mr Henno Jordaan

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