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Secondary Health and PE

November 29, 2019

Here at Assumption College English Program the PE and Health department have been working extremely hard towards the end of 2019. The students are getting tested on a weekly basis and the teachers have seen some great work and improvement from the students. The testing consists of short distance sprints time and long distance endurance runs. The students from Lower Secondary are also getting tested in badminton drills, keep-ups and rallies. During the last week our school also hosted a football tournament between four English speaking schools. It was a great occasion for our students to support their peers during the matches.

During ACEP Health class lower Secondary got educated on the different mental disorders and how to look after them. Other topics also got covered like Screen time, Family, and Modern Medicine. In the Year 12 class we mixed two subjects, Health and Cooking. During Health classes they got educated and had to do research on different Diets for different people, example. Pregnant lady, Vegan, Athletes and Teenagers. Then they must take what they have learned and do the practical cooking of meals during Cooking class. The students are enjoying this kind of learning.

Written by Mr Henno Jordaan

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