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Secondary Health and PE

September 16, 2019

Since the completion of ACEP Games the PE and Health department have been working extremely hard towards the end of the term. The students are getting tested on a weekly basis and the teachers have seen some great work and improvement from the students. The testing consists of Aerobic and Anaerobic: short distance sprint time and a long distance of about 400 meters. The students from Lower Secondary are also getting tested in basketball dribbling drills and shuttle runs. The whole school also did their physical test for the school year. Height, weight, flexibility, standing jump and sprint.

During ACEP Health class Lower Secondary got educated about Health and emergency kits and how necessary it is to have around, they were also educated on sexually transmitted diseases and how to develop a well-balanced diet plan with calorie count being the main focus. Upper Secondary focused more on world health, and what role education, poverty and class have to play with the health of a country. This current term is coming to an end and the hard work of the students will continue for the next 3 weeks.

Written By Mr. Henno Jordaan

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