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Secondary Health and PE

July 23, 2019

The final week before the exams was an important week in Health and PE as the students got tested on the field and inside the class room. Here is a quick breakdown on what the students got tested in, first we will start with Physical Education (Outside classroom).

Year 7 got tested on their jumping rope ability, the students were tested on technique, skill and speed. Year 8 got tested with their endurance as they had to run for an extended period of time to get their score. Year 9 was tested in the students ability in speed and agility, Year 10 had a general fitness test (Push-ups, sit-ups and 400 meter run). Mr. Daniel evaluated Year 11 inside the fitness center. This is where the student individual general fitness level got tested. And last but not least Year 12 had to perform an aerobic exercise/dance.

As you can see at ACEP we are very diverse and students have a chance to develop physically. All the students are now looking forward to ACEP sports day which is not far away.

Inside the classroom the students got evaluated on all the topics they have learned. And most of the students passed the semester with flying colors.

Written by Mr. Henno

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