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Secondary Health and Physical Education

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Our PE and Health department have been busy as always, things are looking good and coming to an end of a long and eventful term, during the next 3 weeks the students from Year 7 all the way to Year 12 will have their exams, in Health and PE.

Let’s start with Physical Education all the tests will be conducted outside of the normal classroom environment. Year 7’s will have their skills tested on the Basketball court and Futsal Field. Mostly their skills and improvement will be tested and scored on, Year 8’s and 9’s will focus more on Badminton and their ability to play Kickball. Kickball will be judge on their teamwork and tactics whereby Badminton is more of an Individual test. This is the first year the school worked Volleyball into the Curriculum and the year 10’s will be tested on the volleyball court. They improved a lot during this term and their basics skills will be tested from Lay- up to volley and jumping skills. Lastly the Year 11 and 12’s will be tested inside the Fitness center, Aerobics and Muscle strength training will be the focus.

Now let’s get to health, Health is always a very important subject at ACEP and the students learned plenty this term. Year 7’s will be assessed on their ability to show their weekly diet plan and explain the benefits of a healthy diet plan. Year 8 covered work on Mental diseases and different Sexual Transmitted diseases, they gained plenty of knowledge and their test will mostly cover those topics. Year 9s focused a lot on the human body and what makes the human body function, Bones, Joints and muscles will be their topic. Year 10 – 12 had a few presentations about World Health, Pandemics and Nutrition. Their grades and assessment will mostly come from those presentations, but will still have a final test where those topics will get tested.

I wish the students the best of luck during the next few weeks and then the exams coming up in November. I hope and believe the student will stay nice and active during that time

Written by Mr. Henno Jordaan

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