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Reading and Writing in Upper Primary at Bell

June 21, 2019

Our mission at Bell this year is to continue to improve our students’ English competence in all areas and with a particular focus on reading and writing skills.

Bell English students in year 4 started the term by attempting mock Cambridge Movers Reading and Writing exams, so that their teacher can gauge the most effective ways to help the students. As a result of this, they have subsequently been practicing asking and answering questions, and then selecting the correct response to these questions, as this was an area of improvement. There has also been a focus on reading short passages and then answering comprehension questions. Additionally, they have been studying how to tell the time, prepositions of place, clothing and adverbs of frequency, moving from worksheets to board games to allow freer practice.

In year 5 students have started the term with a heavy focus on reading and writing. The students have been reading short stories and answering comprehension questions set by the teacher, sometimes as part of an iPad game. They have also been taking part in some complex tasks, such as reordering passages of text. The students have also attempted mock Cambridge Flyers Reading and Writing exams so that their teachers can gauge the most effective ways to help them.

Reading and writing has also been key in the first few weeks of the new academic year in Year 6. Teachers have managed to make these lessons fun for the students by employing engaging activities, which have included electronic board games. These games are based around the grammar and vocabulary required to complete the final writing tasks, which are usually finished in class or for homework. The students have started these activities well.

Overall, the start to the year has been another good one for the Bell students at ACEP and we are sure that with this extra focus on reading and writing, we will see an improvement in these areas in the Cambridge exams early next year.

Written By Neil Sim, Samantha Meade and Christopher Warren

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