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13 Jun

Primary School Wai Kru Ceremony

(Week 5 – Thursday 13th June, 2013)

Primary School Wai Kru Ceremony

This morning students from ACEP’s 17 primary school classes gathered in the school’s auditorium in the Trinity Building for their ‘Wai Kru’ ceremony (Teacher Respect Ceremony).

During the ceremony, which was led by Year 11 students, two student representatives from each class presented their Thai and foreign homeroom teachers with flower arrangements in a traditional manner.

Vuddhisrestha Kheawwilai, the president of ACEP’s Student Council, led all of the primary students in a traditional Wai Kru chant. Bro. Pisutr Vapiso (Director) also spoke to students and the parents who joined the ceremony, about the value that Thai culture places on the role of teachers in a child’s life and the importance of respecting them.

At the end of this traditional Thai ceremony the teachers and the students enjoyed watching ACEP’s Wai Kru video presentation, which was a photographic collage from around our school in recent weeks accompanied by the traditional Wai Kru song.

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