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Learning Management

The Assumption College English Program Curriculum provides primary school students with a variety of learning activities both inside and outside the classroom. Learning activities are divided into three general groups:

- Subject Content Groups

- Extracurricular Activities

- Development Activities


1. Subject Content Groups

The school organises the learning process into eight general Subject Content Groups:

- Thai Language

- Mathematics

- Science

- Social Studies, Religion and Culture

- Health and Physical Education

- Arts

- Occupational Works and Technology

- Foreign Languages

2. Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities occur outside normal class hours and aim to support students to understand and enjoy each content group. They provide students with an opportunity to develop skills associated with each subject and promote learning through friendly competition.

Extracurricular Activities provided for students will cover the main academic subjects, sports, art and music.

3. Development Activities

ACEP provides students with various experiences that will encourage students to develop interests, skills and competency in various academic and non-academic areas.

The Development Activities provided for ACEP Primary students are:

- Guidance

- Scouts

- Clubs

scouts (3)


Allocation of Periods/Week

academic primary2 - small

Allocation of Marks for the Eight Subject Content Groups

academic primary1 - small

Evaluation & Assessment

ACEP manages the evaluation and assessment of Primary School Students according to the Basic Education Core Curriculum (2008).

The aim of evaluation and assessment is to examine the progress of learning for each Year Level. The results of evaluation and assessment are used to develop and improve teaching and learning for the benefit of students. The results are also used to determine whether students are ready to progress to the next Year Level. In cases where a student is unable to pass learning standards of a Subject Content Group, the school will provide remedial classes for them.

Details of the evaluation and assessment system (as based on the Basic Education Core Curriculum -2008) are explained below:

1. Evaluation of the Eight Subject Content Groups:

- The total mark of each Subject Content Group is 200 per academic year.
– Students must pass the evaluation of indicators for each Subject Content Group.
– Students results are reported according to the table below.


2. Evaluation of Reading, Analytical Thinking and Writing: 

- The evaluation is carried out during designated reading periods.
– The results of evaluation are divided into 4 levels: Excellent, Good, Pass or Fail.

3. Evaluation of Desirable Characteristics:

- The evaluation is done by homeroom Teachers according to the eight Desirable Characteristics set by the school (see Page 9).
– The results of evaluation are divided into 4 levels: Excellent, Good, Pass or Fail.

4. Evaluation of Development Activities:

- The three activities assessed are: Guidance, Student Activities (Scouts and Clubs) and Community Service Activities.
– The evaluation assesses two aspects: Attendance and Performance.
– The result will be either: Pass or Fail.

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