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Post a Pringle

Thursday, April 4, 2019

In this summer’s year 10 STEM classes with Mr. Bennet the students have been responding to challenges. The latest challenge was to design and build a packaging solution that would protect a single Pringle on it’s journey through the Thai postal system. The students did better that was expected as all 3 groups managed to bring home their Pringle without any damage. The winning team had the lightest and smallest packaging solution. Well done year 10!

Written by Mr. Bennet Hackett

Bennet Hackett – IMG_20190328_113628
Bennet Hackett – IMG_20190328_113552
Bennet Hackett – IMG_20190328_113100
Bennet Hackett – IMG_20190328_113020
Bennet Hackett – IMG_20190328_113011
Bennet Hackett – IMG_20190328_112940
Bennet Hackett – IMG_20190328_101020
Bennet Hackett – IMG_20190328_100946
Bennet Hackett – IMG_20190325_131504
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