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Plurals Display Using Fairytale Characters

Monday, October 19, 2020

As part of our English unit ‘Once Upon A Time’ we learn how to make plurals. Usually we just add ‘s’ to the end of the word. However some words need ‘es’, ‘ves’, and ‘ies’. The children created displays using characters in fairytales to show how different plurals are made.

Written by Mr Johnny Byrne

Johnny Byrne – C9E9D47F-FF40-436B-8BC8-6874EC7D3942
Johnny Byrne – AED78B65-7AE7-4AA8-926C-8F4D05D74021
Johnny Byrne – A3E4B643-D6DE-44CA-9ADF-35EA35A14B97
Johnny Byrne – 882D8907-80DB-4469-963D-C2DA5E11E305
Johnny Byrne – 718EB9CC-3A45-4F92-9BDB-96624D64572F
Johnny Byrne – 713DAA6A-05C1-4F2F-8BD8-5B82D4005E09
Johnny Byrne – 60F2F41C-6B58-4A6D-891A-5F7EDB88A560
Johnny Byrne – 9CAF7CAC-523D-490E-AF5B-9FB0455B9124
Johnny Byrne – 03C0FB94-2331-4B48-ADD6-7D61D17A243B
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