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Physical Education and Health

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Year 7 through 11 have been learning about the importance of physical fitness and nutrition. We have practiced soccer, aerobics, and basketball.

The basics of soccer included dribbling and shooting. The students did an excellent job and gave a wonderful effort. They are now able to avoid obstacles and shoot with precision.

Aerobics was extremely enjoyable. The students learned basic aerobic counts and dances. They then created their own unique aerobic plans. They are developing great rhythm and becoming more fluid with their performances, which will be delightful to watch.

Basketball was also interesting. Students learned basic passing and then transitioned into learning the layup. They struggled a bit at first but persevered and everyone was able to score with ease and pass to their teammates.

Nutrition has been enlightening for the students. They are currently creating meal plans. Not just a basic meal plan, but one that includes the amount of macro-nutrients in each meal. This includes; fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. They are becoming more aware of the type of foods they are eating and what they should eat.

The students are amazing to work with and applying themselves to become better athlete and healthier people.

Text by Mr. Charles Landrum

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