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Phonics Work in Year 1

Monday, June 12, 2017

Students from Year 1 have been learning new letters and sounds using the Jolly Phonics program here at Assumption College English Program.

Jolly Phonics uses songs, stories and games to help students to learn the main 42 sounds of the English language, and practice their reading and writing skills. Each lesson, the students learn the sound, become familiar with words beginning with that sound and practice writing the letter.

It is a child centered, multi-sensory approach which makes literacy fun for all different types of learners. All the Jolly Phonics songs and stories are available online on YouTube which means students can also practice at home.

So far, students have learned songs, actions and stories for the letters ‘s’,’a’,’t’,’i’,’p’, ‘n’, ‘e’ and ‘h’ and we will be learning lots more in the coming weeks. Teachers have also been using iPads, the interactive whiteboard, circle time, play dough, letter cubes and the jolly phonics workbooks to give the students a lot of different experiences of the letters we study.

All classes are responding really well to the jolly phonics program and we have no doubt it will be hugely successful in improving literacy in Year 1.

Text written by Mr. Tommy Morgan

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