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Secondary Photography Club Goes on Photo Field Trip

Thursday, August 8, 2019

The students in Mr. Dax Ward’s Secondary Photography Club went on an exciting photography field trip on the morning of Thursday, August 8.  The students, along with their teachers Mr. Dax & Ms. Mary Vatral, visited the Phantai Norasing Shrine, located about 5km from the ACEP campus.  The Phantai Nursing Shrine is a historic temple in Thailand which has colorful statues, plants, flowers, and a nature walk trail through a mangrove preservation area.  The students had a great time exploring the area together and taking pictures of different kinds of fish, monitor lizards, and birds, as the temple area provides a beautiful backdrop for photos with a wide variety of subjects.  After they finished walking around and shooting pictures, students & their teachers had lunch together at a nearby restaurant.  It was a fantastic morning and we look forward to seeing the students’ pictures taken on this trip! 

Below are some pictures of the students during the walk that show what a beautiful area it is to visit, as well as how much fun the students had while exploring and documenting the area in photos.

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Club Field Trip Aug
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