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New Literacy Routines in Year 1

November 1, 2019

In Term 2, Year 1 students have made great progress with their literacy skills. We have started our new homework routines which includes new reading and spelling activities. 

Last term, we learned all of the Jolly Phonics sounds and practiced different word lists based on these sounds. Now the students are using that knowledge to start reading leveled readers. Each night the students will take their book home and we ask all parents to please read with your child at home. It is very important that they practice as much as possible.  

We have also started our new spelling activities. Each week students will get 10 spelling words which they must learn every night. They will also complete a section of their spelling worksheet each night for homework. It is important that students learn these spellings every night as we will have a spelling test every Friday.

This is a lot of extra responsibility for our Year 1 students but all the teachers are delighted with how they have adapted. We know they are ready for this big step up and we look forward to seeing even more progress in the weeks and months ahead. 

Text by Mr Tommy Morgan

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