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ACEP Secondary PE Teacher Wins Award in International Cricket Tournament

Friday, March 2, 2018

Our own Secondary PE teacher at Assumption College English Program School, Mr. Daniel Jacobs, recently competed as captain of the Thai National Cricket Team as they played in the 2018 ACC T20 Cricket Eastern Region Tournament.  This major international tournament is overseen by the Asian Cricket Council and was held at a cricket field near Bangkok.  Four national cricket teams participated in the tournament, which included Thailand, Bhutan, Myanmar and China.  The Thai team, led by Mr. Daniel as captain, finished in second place in the tournament behind Bhutan, who only won by a very small margin of 2 runs.  Mr. Daniel was also awarded ‘Best Batsman of the Tournament’ award for his excellent play, which is a top commendation given in cricket tournaments.

Mr. Dan is originally from South Africa, but he was very proud to be able to represent Thailand, his home for many years, in this event.  The Thai national team is growing as interest in the sport of cricket is increasing locally, and the team recruits Western players in order for them to share their knowledge and skills with new generations of Thai cricket players.  Mr. Dan began playing cricket when he was very young in South Africa, so he has a lot of experience & knowledge to share with local players.

We are very excited when ACEP teachers pursue in their hobbies and unique interests outside of school, and very proud of Mr. Daniel for his achievements.  Mr. Daniel loves teaching PE as much as he loves playing cricket, and he’s really looking forward to having some fun and energetic PE and Health lessons in the upcoming school year!

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