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Lower Secondary English

July 22, 2020

The lower secondary students have been working very hard at the start of the year and have produced some great work.

Students in Year 7 have been preparing for the Cambridge Key exam through lots of exciting and engaging activities. They are also focused on improving their reading and writing skills by working independently. Every student in Year 7 has a personalized learning goal set for them and they are very motivated to achieve it.

In Year 8, students have been studying for their Cambridge Preliminary exam with a specific focus on reading and writing. They have enjoyed playing lots of fun review games and using online tools to consolidate their learning. Students have recently studied the topics of jobs, sports, and entertainment, as well as grammar to talk about routines and what people are doing at the moment.

The Year 9 students have been developing their academic writing skills and building their vocabulary, they are learning to organize their essays into clear and appropriate paragraphs, use a range of useful phrases to provide reasons and examples to support their claims, use relative clauses when providing extra information and avoid making common grammatical errors. As they acquire a new language, they are also developing their reading and critical thinking skills.

We are very encouraged by the positive attitude of our lower secondary students this year and we are sure that this strong focus on their studies will lead to very positive results in both their mid-term and Cambridge exams.

Text written by Mr David Sheehan

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