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Lower Primary Reading, Writing and Phonics Fun with Bell

June 12, 2019

It has been a very productive start to the year at Bell in lower primary, with a strong focus on reading, writing and phonics for our youngest pupils.

So far this semester the Year 1s have mainly focused on reinforcing the phonics sounds that they have covered since the start of term. We have done this through a variety of methods, always ensuring that the lessons are as interactive as possible and that speaking is encouraged at all times. Students have done various activities such as learning how to spell their names phonetically, given visual stimulus for new vocabulary, followed by sounding out the new word sounds using their newly acquired knowledge. The students were also given a small assessment to gauge their progress so far. This incorporated checking their recognition of the letter sounds through flash cards, listening to sounds and writing the letters and attempting to read words using blending of the sounds they had learned.

The students in Year 2 have started the school year in their Bell classes working on expanding their vocabulary and using it in various reading and writing tasks. Classroom vocabulary along with its spelling and correct use within a sentence has been the main focus of the lessons; this has been introduced and taught through videos and activities within the Cambridge Kid’s Box course book. Students have also been recapping the phonetic sounds of the alphabet, specifically the short vowel sounds and the correct pronunciation. The first couple of weeks have been rounded off with a short reading and writing assessment to understand where the students may need extra help.

Meanwhile, the Year 3s have concentrated on their reading and writing skills. This has been done through a variety of methods, including improving their vocabulary, understand story structure and linking words to their meanings. A selection of visual stimuli has been used to achieve this, as well as encouraging the students to create their own visual connections to the vocabulary. We have covered topics, such as our Solar System and Pirates using reading comprehensions as a foundation. The students have learned to recognise certain details in questions that will aid them in their comprehension and abilities to answer the required questions. Finally, we have completed a small reading and writing assessment, which has helped to gauge what areas each student excels at and what they require further learning in.

All in all it has been a very positive start to the year for Bell in lower primary and early indications are that our pupils will continue to improve in their reading, writing and phonics skills as the year progresses.

Text written by Curtis Burman and Christopher Godson

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Christopher Warren – Year 2
Christopher Warren – Year 2(2)
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