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Learning to Tell the Time in Year 1

August 8, 2018

What’s the time Year 1! Our first maths topic of this test period is Time, and Year 1 seem to be having a blast learning about how to tell the time.

The children started by learning all about the days of the week and months of the year. Lots of singing along to help us learn the orders of the days and months. The children are learning not only the names of the days and months but also the order of them.

The children were then introduced to Analogue Clocks and started to learn about how to tell the time. In Year One the children learn to recognise O’clock and Half Past times.

We have been doing lots of different activities to help the children recognise and remember what each hand does and where they are at O’clock and half past times. The children have used matching cards, drawn on clocks, used their own cardboard clocks, made themselves into clocks and gone on a time treasure hunt.

The Year One’s have shown a wonderful grasp of the idea of time and have impressed us with their understanding. We hope they have had lots of fun learning all about telling the time!

Text by Ms. Hannah Davies

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