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International Youth Robot Competition 2019 (IYRC 2019 Korea)

On August 2-3 2019 some talented ACEP students participated in the International Youth Robot Competition 2019 (IYRC 2019 Korea) hosted by International Youth Robot Association (IYRA) in the Daejeon Convention Center (DCC), Daejoen, Republic of Korea.

The main objective is to give young students an opportunity to improve their abilities and goals for the future by organizing various robot events, camps, education programs but mainly by hosting the International Youth Robot Competition (IYRC). IYRC aims to be a globally recognised robot competition for the young generation. IYRC is open to all youngsters aged over 6 who like to build robots, even if they don’t have much previous knowledge about robots.

We would like to congratulate the students who received medals in the Final Awards round:

Item Recycle (Junior Skill):

- Tharathep Kitrungrattanakun ID: 692 Year: 6/6

Volleyball (Junior Skill):

- Teerakarn Simaroj ID: 650 Year: 6/4

- Nattanicha Dejsakulrit ID: 723 Year: 6/6

Volleyball (Senior Skill):

- Mira Temsoonthorn ID: 633 Year: 9/1

- Sumin Wuttisetarak ID: 893 Year: 9/2

IYRC 2019 Korea_๑๙๐๘๐๖_0233
IYRC 2019 Korea_๑๙๐๘๐๖_0228
IYRC 2019 Korea_๑๙๐๘๐๖_0227
IYRC 2019 Korea_๑๙๐๘๐๖_0221
IYRC 2019 Korea_๑๙๐๘๐๖_0214
IYRC 2019 Korea_๑๙๐๘๐๖_0119
IYRC 2019 Korea_๑๙๐๘๐๖_0118
IYRC 2019 Korea_๑๙๐๘๐๖_0037
IYRC 2019 Korea_๑๙๐๘๐๖_0020
IYRC 2019 Korea_๑๙๐๘๐๖_0013
Competition Day I_๑๙๐๘๐๖_0055
Competition Day I_๑๙๐๘๐๖_0033
Competition Day I_๑๙๐๘๐๖_0027
Competition Day I_๑๙๐๘๐๖_0022
Competition Day I_๑๙๐๘๐๖_0010
Competition Day I_๑๙๐๘๐๖_0004
IYRC 2019 Korea_๑๙๐๘๐๖_0251
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