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Boys (Years 1 – 12)Boys_Haircut

- Boys’ hair must be kept clean and tidy.

- Boys’ hairstyles can be short or high-guard style.

- The maximum length of a boy’s hair is 8 centimetres.

- Boys cannot have a crew-cut (skinhead) hairstyle.

- Boys cannot use any type of hair gel.

 Girls (Years 1 – 12)Girls_Haircut

- Girls’ hair must be longer than their shirt collar.

- Girls’ hair must be tied back at all times. They are not allowed to have a fringe.

- The remainder of the hair must be tied back or braided.

- Bows must be plain black, white or navy (no patterns)and no wider than 2½ centimetres.

- Girls cannot dye their hair. It must be its natural colour.

- Girls’ hair must be straight. They cannot curl their hair.


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