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Great Cambridge Examination Results Once Again!

Monday, March 25, 2019

At the Bell Language Centre we are very pleased to announce that the results for all Cambridge exams were once again very strong this year, with some grades even exceeding last year’s fantastic results!

The percentage of students gaining 5 out of 5 shields in the Starters exam speaking section went up to a 100% pass rate this year, a rise of 4% from last year’s great result. In the Movers exam the results for students receiving 5 out of 5 shields in the listening part went up by 16% to 78%.

Likewise, there was a marked improvement in the Flyers speaking, with 100% of students gaining 5 shields, a 12% increase in relation to last year’s results. There was also a 10% improvement in the reading and writing section, with 44% of students receiving the top marks.

Our Secondary students also performed fantastically. With number of candidates sitting the KET exam this year four times the number as last year, all 32 students passed, including 14 with a distinction, 14 with a merit, and 3 with a pass. This is a fantastic set of results and really demonstrates the quality of the students and teachers.

Overall, we can be very pleased with these sets of results. We are particularly proud to see the students’ reading and writing improving as the Bell Language Centre teachers have been working very hard to develop our courses to support these skills. It is clear that our teaching is having a very positive impact on our students’ English language achievement and we will continue to extend this success into the new academic year.

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