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Getting back to exercise after the Mid Term exams!

August 5, 2019

This was the first week at ACEP after the mid term exams and students at ACEP got back to playing sport and working out again.

For all year groups there was no testing and it was purely just a matter of getting sweaty and burning a few calories. Year 7 had an Ultimate Frisbee game and it is one sport at ACEP that still needs so much more practice. Year 8 didn’t have any PE as it was the public holiday. Year 9 had a chairball competition (mostly girls) and the boys had a football competition that was won by Year 9/3.

Upper Secondary students continued to work on their strength, flexibility and endurance in the ACEP fitness center. At this stage of the term a lot of students have improved their overall health but the endurance and fitness levels of some students can still improve and get better. Our students are encouraged to do more sport during the weekends.

Students have also started to prepare for ACEP Games which will be held at our school on Saturday 24th August.

Text by Mr. Daniel Jacobs

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