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Flying Start to Year 1 Maths

June 5, 2018

It’s all off to a flying start in Year 1 Maths. We are already onto our second unit having finished up Numbers to 10 and our Year One students are now learning all about Addition up to 10.

Our students are developing their Maths thinking skills and exploring numbers in a variety of hands on and interactive ways. This is important to help them gain a solid foundation in Maths.

The Year One’s have so far used both cubes and number lines to support their adding, as well as getting to use an addition machine to predict and then check their answers. All this use of concrete materials is aiming to support the children in their development of good number sense. These skills will be used again, in coming units as the numbers get larger.

We have also been using the app Animal Maths to support the children’s learning. This app allows each child to answer maths-based questions at their own pace.

It has been wonderful to see the children settling into maths lessons and working both together as classes and individually to complete the activities given. We are all looking forward to seeing the children’s skills continuing to develop as we delve deeper into Maths in the coming weeks and months.

Text by Hannah Davies

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