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Flying Start to English in Year 1

July 24, 2020

Our Year 1 students have made a really impressive start to their English lessons here at ACEP. The teachers are very happy with the level of English in our classrooms and we can already see the students becoming more comfortable and confident speaking English. 

The students continue to show fast progress in Jolly Phonics and we have already started reading CVC words for homework. We are working hard on letter sounds and blending in class and the students are doing very well. Each week the students learn new letters which means they can read more and more words.

The teachers are also very happy with students’ handwriting skills. We have been practicing a lot and everyone is taking their time, writing carefully and using finger spaces. Well done!

Finally, we have been having fun practicing our speaking skills and learning new vocabulary about the topic “My School”. The students really enjoyed playing vocabulary Bingo and testing their knowledge with Kahoot quizzes using our iPads.

Well done to all the boys and girls in Year 1 and we hope to see this fast progress continue throughout the year.

Text by Mr Tommy Morgan

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