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Fantastic Cambridge Young Learners Exam Results and an Award from Cambridge Assessment English

April 5, 2018

We are very proud to announce that, once again, the students have achieved some fantastic results in this year’s Cambridge Young Learners examinations and that the Bell Language Centre has been awarded a certificate of excellence and recognition as a Cambridge Preparation Centre.

The grades for all Young Learners exams (Starters, Movers and Flyers) are even better this year than last year’s fantastic results.

The percentage of students gaining 5 out of 5 shields in the Starters exam Reading and Writing went up by an amazing 60%, with Listening also rising by 36%.

In the Movers exam the results for students receiving 5 out of 5 shields in Reading and Writing went up by 20% and there was a 3% increase in the top scores for the Listening section. Students, once again, achieved a 100% record in the Speaking part of the exam.

Likewise, there was a marked improvement in the Flyers Reading and Writing, with the number of students gaining 5 shields going up by 12% in relation to last year’s results. The number of students with 5 shields in the Listening section also rose by 6%.

Overall, we can be very pleased with this fantastic set of results and proud of our recognition by Cambridge, one of the most prestigious names in global education.

I am particular proud to see the students’ Reading and Writing improving as the Bell Language Centre teachers have been working very hard to develop our courses to support these skills.

It is clear that our teaching is having a very positive impact on our students’ English language achievement and we will continue to extend this success into the new academic year.

Certificates will be available for collection from the Administration Office in the Trinity Building.

Written by Christopher Warren, Director of Studies, The Bell Language Centre

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