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Exploring Plants in Year 1 Science

September 7, 2018

Year One have all been hard at work on our new science topic: plants! The children have been learning all about the different parts of a plant as well as what they need to grow strong and healthy. 

Plants has been a great topic to learn about both inside and outside the classroom, and even to bring the outside into the classroom. Inside the classroom, the children have displayed their learning in a variety of activities focused in labeling the different parts of a plant. They also got to show off their cutting skills by using colored paper to create their own diagrams of plants and all their parts. The children have enjoyed learning about the functions of each part and displaying their knowledge at the beginning of each new science lesson.

We have also had the fun of hands on experiences, such as bringing leaves into the classroom to explore their colors, textures and smells.

This led onto exploring plants in their natural environment and leaving the classrooms for a plant finding expedition. Each class went out and about around our school looking for plants in all different shapes and sizes. This was a wonderful way of seeing what we’ve been learning about in action and the children had a great time exploring the plants in our school.

Text written by Ms. Hannah Davies

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