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English First teacher seminar

In February, 2 teachers from Secondary English — Mr Stephen Daily and Ms Kirsty Jennings — along with a teacher from Primary — Ms Gillian Bellworthy — attended a seminar by English First at the Sheraton Hotel in Bangkok.

The first half of the lecture was on the topic of neurolinguistics. It was titled “7 Principles for Effecting English Communication” and was delivered by Dr. Sumanee Pinweha. The teachers learned how the brain retains information along with practical techniques for creating lessons that help students remember information longer. The second hour was a lecture on improving student engagement in the classroom and provided teachers with tips on how to create more student talk time and student input in lessons.

All three teachers agreed that the information was both interesting and helpful, and look forward to implementing the new strategies in their classes.

Text by Mr. Stephen Daily

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