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Developing Our Staff: P.D. Allowance for ACEP Teachers

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

In the 2017 Academic Year, Assumption College English Program started offering 2-year contracts to our foreign teachers. One of the benefits of the 2 year contract is Professional Development Allowance. Each of the 12 teachers who’ve signed a 2-year contract is eligible for an allowance to be used for a training of their choice which is relevant to our school and beneficial to our students. Thus far, our teachers have taken training in Photography, Jolly Phonics and Grammar, Improving Science Education and, Online and Blended Teaching, and International Educator Certificate courses. The professional development of our teachers is an important part of ACEP School Policy and we are proud of members of our team who are willing to learn and improve themselves. By developing and learning about new developments in education, our teachers are able to deliver lessons that are interesting and engaging.

It is important for our school to keep the best teachers for the benefit of our students. Therefore, we are planning to offer 2-year contracts to more of our teachers in the upcoming years.

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