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ACEP students

ACEP aims to develop very well rounded individuals who are ready to contribute positively to society. We set clear expectations set for students and, with the support of parents, we are fortunate that our students are generally very behaved and happily engaged in learning and school life.

Desirable CharacteristicsCode of Conduct
1. Love for their Country, their King, and Faith in Religion

1.1 Be a good citizen.
1.2 Value Thai ways and democracy with the reign of the King.
1.3 Have faith, and believe in one’s religion, and put it into practice.
1.4 Hold respect for the King and Royal Family.

2. Be Honest and Upright

2.1 Be honest to themself physically, verbally and mentally.
2.2 Be honest to others physically, verbally and mentally.

3. Self-Discipline

3.1 Follow the rules of their family, school and society.
3.2 Value justice and peace.

4. Eagerness to Learn

4.1 Have determination and perseverance to study and participate in learning activities.
4.2 Search for knowledge from both inside and outside of school. Select appropriate media to present information. Be able to summarise knowledge and apply it in daily life.

5. Be Self-Sufficient

5.1 Live a self sufficient life. Be reasonable, prudent, ethical, frugal and economical.
5.2 Have a sound mind. Live happily in society. Stay free from drugs and any vices.

6. Dedicated to work

6.1 Be responsible and put utmost effort in work.
6.2 Work with perseverance and patience to achieve the goal of the school’s motto, “LABOR OMNIA VINCIT”

7. Patriotism (Proud of their nation)

7.1 Have pride in their culture and traditions. Express gratitude.
7.2 Value their language and communicate in the language properly.
7.3 Preserve and continue traditional wisdom.

8. Have a Community Spirit

8.1 Have an unconditional willingness to serve other people. Be sympathetic and generous.
8.2 Take part in helpful services to serve the school, community and society.

9. Be an ACEP Lady or Gentleman

9.1 Be humble, polite, modest and courteous.
9.2 Have the ability to tactfully lead and follow.
9.3 Express gratitude towards all benefactors

Desirable Characteristics

1. Strictly follow all rules, regulations and school announcements.

2. Reject all negative influences, which will affect themselves and others.

3. Dress in the appropriate student uniform, PE uniform, scout uniform and military uniform, as stated in the school dress code both inside and outside the school campus.

4. Obey and respect parents and teachers.

5. Speak and behave in a polite, calm manner that is respectful of both Thai and western cultures.

6. Do not bring anything to school other than materials and equipment required for study.

7. Do not destroy or damage school or public property or perform any action that will adversely affect the school’s reputation.

8. Promote unity with peers. Senior students should set a good example for juniors.

9. Know and understand your own rights, respect others’ rights and understand that individual rights come with responsibilities, in a democratic society.

10. Line up properly, stay quiet and wait for directions from the teachers during any line up time.

11. Participate in activities, both inside and outside of the school, that bring credit to the school’s reputation.

12. Carry the student ID card at all times. 13. Do not associate themselves with, or possess cigarettes, drugs and alcohol.

14. Do not associate themselves with gambling, gather in game shops or other unlawful places or loiter after legally restricted times.

15. Do not possess any types of pornographic material or media.

16. Do not carry any kind of equipment, weapon or explosive that can be used to assault or intimidate others or cause damage to property, either inside or outside school.

17. Do not wear any types of accessories, expensive decoration, other than the approved school dress code (a watch and a stainless necklace with an amulet are allowed).

18. Do not have any tattoos on the body.

19. Girls may have their ears pierced but can only wear small silver or gold ‘stud’ earrings when at school. If a boy has his ears pierced, he may not wear earrings when at school (except for small, clear plastic). Students cannot have any other body part pierced.

20. Do not wear any kind of face powder, makeup, eyeliner or lip stick (except clear lip balm for dry lips).

21. Do not use any communication or entertainment devices during class time.

22. Do not drive a car or ride a motorcycle to school.

Code of Conduct

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