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Considering Environmental Factors of Habitats in Year 4 Science

July 11, 2019

Unit 2 in Year 4 Science brings students into the science lab to explore the topic of environmental factors of habitats. In Mr. Nicholas’ science class, students learned that there are different factors which will make a habitat a good place to live for some living things, but not so good for others. There are non-living factors which we call physical factors, such as temperature, water, light, air and soil. There are also living factors such as having prey or a predator in the habitat, or perhaps having competition for things like food, or working together in a sybiotic relationship to help each other.

To explore this topic more, we completed 2 science experiments in the Science lab. The first was to explore how much light goes into a habitat with muddy water and to see if an underwater plant could grow well in the muddy water which has less light. The second was to see which physical factors earthworms preferred in their habitat. With four different options that differed in the amount of water and amount of light, students were able to see which habitat the earthworms crawled to.

Through these experiments, we start to see how environmental factors can change where the organisms can make their home. Now, at the end of the unit, we get to explore how humans affect this balance in nature to negatively impact habitats all around the world. Can we make a change? Can we protect these habitats from human impact? Lets see what ideas we can come up with.

Text by Mr. Nicholas Irvine

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