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Can Crushing Lab

Friday, March 30, 2018

The objective of the Can Crushing Lab activity was to implode an empty aluminum can. Then we determined the cause of this implosion by relating the macroscopic observations to microscopic gas behaviors. The students learned the cause of the implosion was atmospheric pressure.

The procedure was as follows. First we filled the aluminum can with a small amount of water. Second we heated the can and water up until we saw a large amount of water vapor(steam) leaving the can. Then we inverted and dunked the can into the water. This turned the water vapor back into water and created a vacuum or lack or internal pressure inside the can. The air pressure then crushed the can.

Written by Mr. Seth Farvour

Seth Farvour – IMG_20180328_104415
Seth Farvour – IMG_20180328_104205
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