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Bell Summer School Fun

Monday, April 8, 2019

This year’s Bell Summer School has been full of fun and creativity. In Lower Primary Year 1 has been busy making crafts and learning vocabulary through games. We’ve had story time and acted out We’re Going on a Bear Hunt and made mini-versions of ourselves using pipe cleaners. We used these to learn about climbing, running and jumping and the different ways we can play in the playground. We’ve had a great start to the year. I hope the students enjoy the rest of Year 1!

Bell students in Year 2 and 3 have had fun in their Summer School classes. Year 2 has focused on prepositions of place, compound nouns and animal habitats. They have also studied phonics and the universe. The activities have included cut and stick worksheets, videos and iPad quizzes based on these subject areas.

In Upper Primary students have had a great time preparing for the coming year. They have played lots of exciting games to practice present and past tenses, have played in teams to compete at past tense board races, and competed individually in interactive quizzes. We have read an ancient story together as well as worked together to make decisions in our own Minecraft adventure. Along with excitement, students have taken part in listening meditation to help develop concentration. Continuing students have welcomed new students with open arms, helping them to feel at home at ACEP.

In Lower Secondary our Year 7 students got introduced to the nature and role of narrative writing. The first week was spent introducing the narrative structure of the hero’s journey. Week Two was given over to developing an understanding of narrative and its relationship to lived experience. We did this by analysing popular films. In the third week students created their own stories, first planning the outline using storyboards and writing a script afterwards. Students took their scripts and produced a short skit for their peers to enjoy.

In Year 8 and 9 the students have been working on a project to create their own board games to practice English. This involved them writing at least 25 questions and designing a board or set of playing cards. In the final week of Summer School the students will play each other’s game as a fun way of practicing their English. They have really enjoyed the project and have produced some very creative games.

In Upper Secondary, Years 10 and 11 have practiced their past simple and present perfect tenses by writing about themselves and interviewing one another. They have also reinforced their question formation skills and developed their ability to listen for detail while coping with unfamiliar language. Their latest lessons have been centred around TED Talks, covering topics such as, “How to Buy Happiness”” and “The Jobs We’ll Lose to Machines – And The Ones We Won’t”. These lessons have prompted the students to use and develop their critical thinking skills and engage in some interesting classroom discussions.

From our student feedback and class engagement, we can see that this year’s Bell Summer School has been a great success and we look forward to taking this positivity into the new academic year!

Written by Mr. Christopher Warren

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